Frequently asked questions

How MyFaucets work?

With MyFaucets you can make your favorite multi-crypto currency faucet list and monitor faucets countdown most flexible way.
Your worklist state will be auto saved within working process so you can be sure you visit faucets right time to claim.
Also you can bookmark your favorite crypto currency related websites (wallets, micro-wallets, etc...)

How to get started?

To get MyFaucets account you need to fill registration form and click "REGISTER" button.
Account activation message with activation link will be sent to your e-mail address.
In message click on activation link to finish registration process

How to re-send account activation message?

To re-send account activation message follow Re-send Activation message link and use your registration e-mail address on page re-send form

Why i can't see copy addresses button on my worklist menu?

To see copy addresses button on your worklist menu, you need to save at least one cryptocurrency address

If got more questions please Contact us